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The Singapore Internet Exchange (SGIX) is a not-for-profit open and neutral Internet Exchange that will enhance the Internet environment for local and international IP traffic. It seeks to establish multiple peering nodes in different sites throughout Singapore that will form the core of the Internet Exchange. This high-speed facility plays an important role in deployment of services over the Next Gen NBN by allowing the efficient exchange of traffic, reducing latency and ensuring sustainable performance for bandwidth-intensive services to be optimally delivered to the end-users. Once ready, SGIX will be self-regulated and shared ownership ensures its alignment to the interests of its members.

SGIX delivers significant benefits on several fronts.

For local retail service providers

  • Reduces operating costs as there is no need to now establish multiple connectivity links to exchange traffic amongst themselves
  • Enhances delivery of the broadband experience with reduced latency

For regional service providers

  • Leverages on Singapore’s extensive global connectivity
  • Effective exchange of international traffic
  • Aggregates international traffic and optimizes the use of international circuits

For content providers

  • Enables content providers to more efficiently reach out to the regional users
  • Consolidates regional content centrally and significantly lowers the overall cost of content delivery to the regional users
  • High-speed facility improves the accessibility and the user experience for the target audience


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